50 Travel Writing Markets

50 Travel Writing MarketsCompiled by WorldwideFreelance.com
August 2015
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Travel writing is very popular among freelance writers and it is no wonder... since many writers love being able to combine two of their greatest passions, travelling and writing.

We searched through our Markets Plus database of publications and compiled this list of fifty travel writing markets that purchase material from freelance writers. Many of them specialize in travel topics. Others publish travel writing in addition to other material.

Almost all of these markets have detailed Writer's Guidelines available online so you will be able to directly check their latest, up-to-date editorial requirements.

 In this 2015 version of the list, we have avoided certain types of publications so as to avoid "crossover" with our other market lists.

With one or two possible exceptions, this list does not include:

  • In-flight publications. These are covered in our separate Inflight Magazines resource.
  • Magazines that concentrate mainly on one city or state. These are covered in our separate market list.

As a result the remaining fifty markets have a wider coverage in terms of travel destinations.

Here's a summary of what this list contains: 

  • 50 travel writing markets
  • All are paying markets.
  • Over 90% have Writer's Guidelines online.
  • Most of these markets are based in USA and Canada.
  • Approximately 11 markets are from United Kingdom (4) and Australia (5) and Asia (2).

Please be aware that each market listing is very brief: it contains the name of the publication, a brief description, pay rates where known, and a direct link to the publisher's own guidelines for writers.

Don't expect a "How To" article on selling your manuscripts to these publications. There isn't one. We expect that anyone who buys this list already knows how to write well and how to approach an editor to sell an article.

Discover These 50 Writing Markets Today & Start Selling More of Your Travel Writing! 

50 Travel Writing Markets



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