50 Christian Writing Markets – Volumes I & II

Compiled by WorldwideFreelance.com (September 2015)
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Are you looking for Christian writing markets that PAY?

There are many Christian writer's markets that will pay for your articles. We've compiled these two market lists containing a total of 100 Christian writing markets that pay for a variety of items including features articles, devotionals, inspirational stories, fiction and more.

Christian Writing MarketsThese lists are in PDF format, and you will be able to click the links on any listing to go directly to that publication and to their guidelines for writers on the Internet.

Before you buy these lists, please be aware that it is a list. Each listing contains the title, a short description, pay rates (where known), and a link to both the publication and their guidelines. Don't expect a "How To" article on selling your articles to these markets. There isn't one. We assume that anyone buying this report already knows how to write well and how to approach an editor to sell an article.


Here's what you'll receive in total when you buy both Volumes I & II:

  • 100 Christian writing markets (50 in each list)
  • ALL are paying markets
  • The MAJORITY are in North America (mostly based in USA, with 9 from Canada. There are a total of 4 based in other countries)
  • ALMOST ALL have Writer's Guidelines online

We've split the 100 markets quite evenly across two volumes, in order to help those writers who are on a tighter budget or who do not need so many markets immediately.

Some writers don't mind writing for free if their articles
are making a difference in people's lives. And that's great...

...but here is your opportunity to discover some new markets for
your writing, make a difference, and be paid for your work.

Discover 100 great Christian writing markets today.

You'll be able to download these lists in PDF format
as soon as we receive your payment.

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50 Christian Writing Markets - Volume I & II
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