101 Blogs & Websites That Pay Writers for Posts

101 Blogs That Pay Writers

Compiled by Gary McLaren
Date: September 2016

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This is a compilation of blogs and websites that pay writers for posts. In compiling this list of markets, I have only included blogs and websites that:

  • clearly state on their blogs that they pay writers for posts, and
  • have recently posted new material.

These blogs pay a wide range of fees, i.e. from $10 to $500+ per post. More than 60 of these blogs pay $50 or more per post.

Here's what you'll discover in this list:

  • 101 BLOGS and WEBSITES that pay writers
  • ALL are paying markets
  • The MAJORITY are based in North America

Please note that blogs tend to change their requirements and fees more frequently than traditional print magazines. Be sure to do your own research to verify what material they are currently publishing and how much they are paying.

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101 Blogs & Websites That Pay Writers for Posts

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