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Worldwide Freelance Survey October 2016

Thank you. This survey has now been completed.  As you can imagine, it takes a fair amount of work to run a website, newsletter, and market database, like we have here. And I’ve been doing this now for 16 years. Fortunately, I love working on it. I have enjoyed learning the various technologies involved in building a database and making it ‘tick’. Now, it’s time to start planning for 2017, and I really need your help. I want to make sure that I include what YOU, MY READERS, want in the plan for our website and related services in the coming year. So, I have put together a very quick 10-Minute Survey to help me understand where you’re at, and where you’d like to go. Please take the 10-Minute Survey here >> I know you’re very busy. So, as a small token of my gratitude, I have a gift for everyone who completes the survey before next Friday 7th October. It’s my newest market list, 101 Blogs & Websites That Pay Writers for Posts. I only finished creating this market list a few days ago and it’s not even available for purchase yet. In fact, it contains a bunch of online markets that I haven’t yet added into Markets Plus. By getting a copy of this new list...

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New Blog Posts Will Appear at

 In July 2015 I launched a new blog for writers, Writers Unplugged. It will be my main blog for the next couple of years at least. Over the past 15 years I have posted my articles at multiple web sites including freelance writing material at, e-publishing articles at and platform building at I have discovered that writing new material for so many sites is a huge challenge.  That’s why I will now be posting 90% of my new material at one site only, Writers Unplugged. Worldwide Freelance will still be the place to find freelance writing markets and I’m in the process of updating the database listings and niche market lists now. When I write articles on freelance writing they will be published at Writers Unplugged. Writers Unplugged has it’s own newsletter available here. Please come over and take a look:

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Writing for Literary Magazines

A literary journal or literary magazine is a publication that is primarily focused on publishing writing of literary merit, that is, works that are worth rewarding or praising. Literary magazines tend to publish fiction, poetry, essays, literary criticism, visual art, book reviews, author profiles, interviews and letters. Literary magazines first appeared in the early 19th century. The Edinburgh Review was established in 1802. In the United States two publications Philadelphia Literary Magazine and Monthly Anthology – which later became the North American Review – were established in 1803. Since the late 1990s many online literary journals have emerged.

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The Best Book Recommendation Sites for Writers

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that writing and reading go hand in hand, and of course it’s not only our readers who read. Most writers love to read. It’s a natural part of who we are and what we do. We read to explore the magic of words. We read to improve our craft. We read for the pure enjoyment of it! But where do we turn when we need another good book to read? Besides asking one of your friends, or chatting to your local librarian, you should also take advantage of some of the online book recommendation sites that have emerged in recent years. Here are a few of the advantages of book recommendation sites for authors.  1. You can receive “tailored” book recommendations based upon your own reading preferences. 2. These avenues offer more exposure for your own writing which will improve the visibility of your own books. 3. You can socialize with your audience and build your author platform. 4. You can help out other authors you like by recommending their work. So where are the best book recommendation sites? Here are my favorites:   Goodreads  Now owned by Amazon, Goodreads is one of the...


10 Reasons For Freelance Writers To Join Google Plus

Freelance writers, you need to get on Google Plus… now! Are you paying attention? Because this is not a sales pitch. OK, actually it is. But it won’t cost you a cent. It will cost you a little of your time but as I explain in this post your investment and engagement on Google Plus could pay off big time for your writing business. According to Anthony Kosner at Forbes, Google+ has now passed Twitter to become the 2nd largest social network in terms of active users. While they are behind Facebook remember that Google also has their YouTube network at #3 and what really matters is the type of content-sharing and engagement taking place. What matters to me is the relevance to writers. Google+ is not the same as Facebook and Twitter, so don’t expect it to be the same. Facebook has a strong leaning towards sharing stuff between family and friends. While Twitter is also good for writers there is a limit to how much you can say with 140 characters. What’s happening at Google+ is different. Check out these ten reasons why I believe freelance writers should be on Google Plus. Whatever you do, make sure you read #9...


New Content Marketing Opportunities Are Emerging For Freelance Writers

by Gary McLaren There is a popular expression, “When one door closes, another one opens.” If you are having difficulty securing freelance assignments for magazines then maybe you should consider offering your professional writing services to those who are involved in content marketing. What? You don’t know what content marketing is? It’s time you knew because this a job “tailor-made” for professional writers. Now I know that the ‘door’ to freelance writing for magazines hasn’t really closed but let’s be honest, over recent years it has been a tough market in which to compete. Many magazines have folded and many more are struggling to generate decent revenue. This is reflected in the rates paid to freelancers. When did you last see a magazine raising the fees they pay to freelancers in line with inflation? It does happen, but it is very rare. You could blame the digital publishing revolution for this state of affairs. But stay with me because you will discover that the digital publishing is also opening some new doors for freelance writers. One of these opportunities is content marketing. The Content Marketing Institute (CMI) defines content marketing as “the art of communicating with your customers and prospects...

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10 Smart Moves for Getting Published in Top Magazines

by Marcia Yudkin Eager to see your byline in magazines like Smithsonian, National Geographic, Parade or Outside? Here are 10 tips on getting past the threshold of “Maybe” to “Yes” at top magazines. 1. Put timing on your side. You can change a perennial story, where there’s no special reason to do it now rather than next year, to one that prompts an immediate assignment by adding a connection to some upcoming season or event. For instance, “the disposable versus cloth diaper debate” lacks any time element. But you can peg it to Earth Day, coming up in April, or specific future environmental powwows. You can get the same effect by tying a perennial topic to recent front-page news. If devastating floods are lingering in North Carolina, use that to make a piece on adequately insuring a business sound timely. 2. Freshen up perennial topics. Some magazines revisit the same topics again and again because relationships, or toilet training, or camping in national parks lie at the core of the magazine’s mission. Hunt back about four or five years in the magazine’s archives for these central topics and update them. 3. Create cover-worthy article titles. Editors sweat over the blurbs...


In-Flight Magazines Quick Reference – 3rd Edition

3rd Edition is now available! (August 2012) This latest edition of our popular In-Flight Magazines Quick Reference PDF lists more than 200 in-flight magazines from airlines around the world. We have designed this report primarily for freelance writers and photographers who are seeking to work in a freelance capacity with in-flight publications. The purpose of this report is to help you to quickly identify the airlines and their publications, along with links to their website and publisher’s website where applicable. Since our previous edition, several airlines and their magazines have closed and these have been removed. We have also added around 55 in-flight publications and there are now an additional 20 countries represented in this report. These publications are organized by airline and region. For each publication we provide: a direct web link to the airline, and where possible: a link to the magazine online a link to the publisher’s web site a link to the writer guidelines (if we could find these online), and a link to contact information. 107 Countries 193 Airlines 212 Publications! If You Would Like To Do Freelance Work For In-Flight Publications Then This Is A Great Resource For You. You’ll Save Weeks Of Time...

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10 Useful iPhone Apps for Writers

These days people are using their mobile phones for much more than making phone calls. Besides being able to send texts to friends, play games and listen to music, there are also many applications that help you to use your phone for writing. In this article I list ten useful iPhone apps for writers. Wikipanion This app makes it easy to conduct research from Wikipedia. it uses a direct connection with the Wikipedia servers to bring you super fast search results.

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Becoming a Resume Writer

Have you ever considered working as a resume writer? A resume (referred to in some countries as a Curriculum Vitae or CV) is a brief summary of someone’s abilities, education, experience, and skills. Its main purpose is to convince prospective employers to interview the candidate for a vacant job opportunity.

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